As a courtesy to our clients and website visitors we have complied a list of the utility companies in the Las Vegas Valley.

Natural Gas

Southwest Gas Corporation serves approximately 1.8 million customers in Arizona, Nevada and California. Residents wishing to begin service with Southwest Gas can fill out a request online at SWgas.com. Requests should be put in five business days prior to the date residents wish to begin service. Consumers may request a certain time and indicate any special instructions on the form; however, scheduling is based on availability.

For more information, contact Southwest Gas directly at (702) 365-1555 or toll-free at (800) 748-5539.


New residents can set up their electricity service with NV Energy by calling 367-5555, filling out an electronic form or speaking to a representative in person at a customer service office. NV Energy has customer service branches in Henderson, North Las Vegas, Laughlin and Las Vegas. For a full list of branch locations, or to fill out the online form, visit NVEnergy.com. Once service has been set up, bills can be paid online, via mail or in person.

Single-family residences can expect their average electric bill to be around $135.00 per month.

NV Energy offers residential customers an Equal Payment option, in which the resident’s average yearly bill is split into 12 equal payments. The plan’s mission is to provide relief for customers unhappy with the fluctuation between residents’ summer and winter bills.

Water and sewer services

After purchasing a new home in Las Vegas, the county will be automatically notified and home owners will receive their first sewer bill in the mail. Single-family residences can expect to pay a base rate of $221.58 per year or $55.40 per quarter. At a base rate of $243.74 per year, or $60.94 per quarter, residences with pools are slightly higher than non-pool residences. Sewer service bills can be paid online at LasVegasNevada.gov

For Las Vegas residents living in unincorporated Clark County, the Clark County Water Reclamation District handles all wastewater and sewer treatment. The annual sewer charge for a residency in unincorporated Clark County is $194.96. CCWRD bills can be paid online at CleanWaterTeam.com, or in person at their office at 5857 East Flamingo Road.

New Las Vegas residents can set up their water service with the Las Vegas Valley Water District by calling 870-4194 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on business days. An online form to begin service is not currently available. For same-day service, the LVVWD suggests calling before 3:30 p.m. A $15 fee applies for all same-day service requests. A minimum $100 deposit, due at the time of service request, is required for residential properties.

Individuals relocating to North Las Vegas must set up and pay their waste and sewer bills through the City of North Las Vegas Utilities Business Service. An e-mail form for answering questions and setting up service is available at CityOfNorthLasvegas.com. Individuals may also visit one of the two Utilities Business Services Division’s offices from 8 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday or 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays. Both offices are located in North Las Vegas, one at 2829 Fort Sumter and one at 2200 Civic Center Drive.

Henderson residents can contact the City of Henderson’s Customer Care Center at (702) 267-5900 to sign up for their water and sewer services. New residents can download forms to apply for service and set up direct payment at CityOfHenderson.com. The City of Henderson’s Utilities Service office is located on 240 Water Street.

Watering rules

According to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, the Colorado River system, which supplies Clark County with nearly 90 percent of its water, is facing the biggest drought on record. As a result, Lake Mead’s water level has dropped approximately 100 feet since January 2000. In response, the SNWA issued mandatory watering restrictions for all customers.

Each residence is assigned a group with specific watering days. Individuals can find their watering group by visiting SNWA.com. During the spring and fall seasons, each group is assigned three different days on which they can water their yards three times a day for four minutes, with an hour separating each watering session. This ‘cycle and soak’ method applies to standard sprinklers, as well as drip irrigation systems. During winter, groups are assigned only one watering day. In summer, groups can water any day of the week.

For all groups, sprinkler watering is prohibited between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. from May 1 to Oct. 1. During the summer months, sprinkler watering is optional for all groups on Sunday. However, from Sept. 1 through April 30, sprinkler watering is prohibited on Sundays. Some exemptions are made, including hand-watering, supervised testing of sprinkler systems, watering new or reseeded landscapes for 30 days. Customers are urged to call their individual SNWA water provider to check for area-specific exemptions.

Households found watering on unassigned days will be informed and given time to correct the problem. If water waste continues, the individual SNWA agency providing water to the household may charge a water waste fee to the customer’s bill or issue a citation requiring a court appearance.


Republic Services is responsible for the refuse collection, disposal and recycling for more than 420,000 single-family residences in Southern Nevada. New residents may fill out a new service request form at . At the time of sign-up, residents may opt to rent a 96 gallon trashcan from Republic Services or use their own waste receptacles. Republic Services picks up trash twice a week.

While Republic Services does not yet offer payment via phone or Internet, residents can sign up for their auto-pay program by calling customer service at 735-5151 or e-mailing [email protected]. Residents may also pay via mail or in person at Republic Service’s 770 E. Sahara Avenue office.