Tips to Show Your Home

Many clients have asked for tips that can be very useful during the marketing process, below our tips to show your home could prove very helpful.

Help provide your home with the best possible first impression:

 1. Keep all lights on and all windows open. The brighter a home looks, the bigger it appears, and buyers compare homes by size.

2. Clean off all counter space. The cook in the family is a definite decision maker. Any nonessential items should be packed and put away.

3. Keep pets away from clients. Allow the client to be graced by your home, not your Rottweiler. Buyers should be comfortable in their environment.

4. Make yourself vacant during home views. To feel comfortable in their new home, the buyers need your absence. Take the dogs for a walk or go to the store.

5. Avoid any probing  questions like, “Where are you moving to?” , or “Does the refrigerator go with the house?” Refer all your questions to your agent.

6. Clean out your master bedroom closet. There should be about 2″ between the hangers and no clutter on the floor and shelves. If necessary, fill a wardrobe box and store the box in the garage.

7. Do not worry too much about the clutter in the garage.

8. Remove excess furniture from family, living, and bedrooms. Once again, a larger home looks more attractive. Ask your agent for specific suggestions.

9. Clean your doorstep, and paint your front door. The absolute first impression is the entrance, and this must be clean.

10. Have your family applied to the 15 minute rule . . .  That is, always have your home 15 minutes from presentation. Remember, your home is on stage, but you never know when the curtains will open.

Most important, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to phone your agent. With your cooperation, our systems are proven to work.                                                     


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